According to research, people who work for long periods of time in air-conditioned areas and are often subject to temperature changes, are more vulnerable to catch a cold than those who work outdoors. Air conditioners and their malfunction cause damage to the nasal epithelium and make it difficult to breathe, while significantly harming the normal filter mechanism of nasal breathing. The provision of consulting services regarding the use and proper maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems, is one of our services to avoid the effects on the health of employees.

The effects on our health

Inadequately ventilated and disinfected space has a negative impact on the health of its users. The effects of this can be obvious and dangerous to a person’s health and include the following:

  • Headaches
    Shortness of breath
    Similar flu symptoms
    Eye irritations
    Skin irritations
    Dryness in the throat
    Muscle and lock pain

Thus, the financial cost of your business or organization from reduced staff productivity or sick leave due to poor indoor air quality is “hidden” but actually high.

Παροχή συμβουλευτικών υπηρεσιώνWe are by your side with the provision of consulting services

AEROCLEAN, also a pioneer in this field, has the ability to provide a technical consultant to find the right solution for your business. Our specialist consultant will visit your place to discuss with you the needs of your air conditioning business, to suggest solutions to upgrade your air conditioning or even to train your staff in its proper use.

Call us for an appointment, so that we can find together the right solution for the needs of your business.