The Special Cleanings offered by AEROCLEAN are flawlessly combined with the preparation, construction, installation, maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning systems. Having the greatest experience in the area of Indoor Air Quality, we provide innovative cleaning and disinfection methods, with personalized solutions for the needs of your business in air conditioning and ventilation systems for buildings and shipping too.

That is why we can complete cases that require special cleaning.

Special Cleaning: Dry Cleaning

AEROCLEAN, with its many years of experience in industrial and marine installations, performs chemical cleaning in꞉

  • Food cold rooms.
  • Cooling towers – refrigeration air conditioners.
  • Central air conditioning networks for heating and cooling of buildings.
  • Central air conditioning systems with Fan Coils.
  • Boilers – Steam Boilers – Steam Generators.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Condensers.
  • Internal Combustion Engine Refrigerators.
  • Cooling circuits with sea water.
  • Desalination and fresh water production machines (Reverse Osmosis, Evaporators).
  • Firefighting networks.
  • Any networks or installations in which any kind of sediment accumulates, such as rust, salts, crustaceans, algae, organic and inorganic chemical deposits, soaps, solidified municipal waste water or industrial waste.

Ειδικοί Καθαρισμοί

Special Purifications: Biological Purification

AEROCLEAN undertakes Biological Cleaning of networks, wherever the use of organic materials is deemed necessary. The cleanings are performed with high technological certified organic products.

Call us for more information on the specific cleaning needs of your business.