The more visitors our facilities receive every day, the more urgent the needs are to ensure a balanced and healthy, indoor environment. Especially in periods with an outbreak of various diseases, the sense of responsibility calls us for permanent and effective solutions. That’s why, in several cases, it is considered necessary to install a permanent disinfection system and a central air conditioning system.

This installation the following:

  • Healthy indoor environment.
  • Feeling of well-being for employees and visitors.
  • Better air quality.
  • More staff efficiency.
  • Avoiding the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

Permanent protection against microorganisms

AEROCLEAN, faithfully following the most modern, safe and technological methods, is able to offer permanent disinfection solutions by installing permanent extermination systems of various microorganisms. We provide innovative methods of cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning and ventilation systems which ensure a high-quality indoor environment that offers well-being and ensures the health of its guests. The indoor installation locations of the extermination devices are selected after special study.

Συστήματα Μόνιμης απολύμανσης αεραγωγών

Use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your health

At AEROCLEAN we are committed to high quality services that ensure the health of your employees and customers. That is why, with a high sense of responsibility for the health of our customers, we use systems for permanent disinfection of airways and products with a competitive advantage in the extermination of pathogenic microorganisms.

More specifically:

  • We use the most advanced products and cleaning machines.
  • We have the most advanced technology in permanent disinfection systems.
  • Permanent installation of an ultraviolet lamp system in the air intake in the air ducts.
  • Permanent installation of an ozone generator in the central air conditioning units.
  • Permanent installation of ion production heads in the airway network (ionized air, in addition to its antibacterial action, strengthens the immune system of the people who inhale it).

Call us for more information and together we can create the best possible solution for your business needs.