Our technical and scientific staff, with many years of experience in the field of air conditioning, are always at your disposal to give you the most appropriate solutions in the study and installation of your central air conditioner. Every central air conditioning installation study is always guided by the real needs of your business and our consultants always try to offer you the most efficient and economical solutions.

At AEROCLEAN we know that every business is unique. That is why we provide personalized solutions for your needs. In addition, we take seriously the special circumstances per occasion and carry out planning and study specifically for your business.

Transparency in every central air conditioning installation study

The creation of the implementation plan for your business is done according to the special needs per occasion. That is why we adhere to strict study protocols to ensure the most proper management of your resources for the installation or cleaning systems of central air conditioning.

Μελέτη εγκατάστασης κεντρικού κλιματισμού

We support the professionals – we provide transparency

We want each company to have an accurate overview of the needs of its facilities. This is how we inspect the status of an existing air conditioning system or evaluate the data for the installation of a new one. By choosing AEROCLEAN you know exactly the services, the implementation time and the cost for our actions.

Our services are transparent. They do not contain hidden charges and extra costs.