The number of Greek companies and public organizations which for their operation presuppose the provision of INDOOR AIR QUALITY following the rules of Presidential Decree 16/1996 made in compliance with Community Directive 89/654 / EEC is constantly increasing. This means that contaminants in air conditioning or mechanical ventilation systems that may pose a risk to the health of workers due to inhaled air pollution must be removed immediately for proper operation, so it is necessary to periodically disinfect building areas at regular intervals. intervals to ensure the health of employees and the smooth running of the business by maintaining their productivity.

AEROCLEAN innovates and offers periodic disinfection of building spaces with solutions for high requirements

AEROCLEAN, with a high sense of responsibility both for the smooth operation of our customers’ businesses and for the health of their employees / visitors, implements innovative solutions to address the special needs. That is why, with unceasing love, respect and professionalism for the services we provide, we are committed to adopting the most advanced techniques.

The first fully autonomous disinfection robot in Greece

Pioneering in another field, AEROCLEAN introduces the first fully autonomous space disinfection robot in the Greek market. Our robot has the ability to map any interior space and then move completely autonomously inside it. Covers and moves autonomously in spaces up to 8,000 sq.m.

The first fully autonomous disinfection robot that AEROCLEAN has is one of the most advanced technological achievements in the field of disinfection and cleaning.



Το πρώτο πλήρως αυτόνομο ρομπότ απολύμανσης χώρων που διαθέτει η AEROCLEAN αποτελεί ένα από τα πιο πρωτοπόρα τεχνολογικά επιτεύγματα στο χώρο της απολύμανσης και του καθαρισμού.


  • It has 6 arrays of high power ultraviolet (UV) lamps.
  • It has an ozone generator.
  • It has a nebulizer.

The above offer triple disinfection of your interior space.

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