Regular and proper cleaning, as well as disinfection of air conditioning and ventilation systems, has been shown to have significant benefits to the user. Indicatively, we mention some of them below꞉

  1. The health of workers or tenants is not affected, as there are no outbreaks of microorganisms in the airways.
  2. Staff productivity is increasing dramatically as they now work in a healthy environment.
  3. The image of the company improves, as the customers who visit it, enter a highly healthy environment.
  4. The traffic and clientele of a business increases considerably, since the brain ¨members¨ the healthy environment it visited. The increase in traffic has been proven experimentally in the USA. for decades.
  5. Especially in hotels, the cleaning and disinfection of the airways greatly improves the quality of customers’ sleep.
  6. The operation of air conditioning and ventilation systems becomes more efficient and economical (10 – 18%)
  7. The damages are greatly reduced, hence the cost of maintenance of the installation
  8. The risk of fire transmission through the airways is prevented, due to the presence of accumulated pollutants.


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