It is no coincidence that the ever-increasing number of Greek companies, public organizations, etc. that give value to the factor of sanitary hygiene and especially to ensure INDOOR AIR QUALITY, following the rules of Presidential Decree 16/1996 made in compliance with the Community Directive 89/654 / EEC, which in paragraph 6.5. explicitly states:

“Deposits and pollutants in air conditioning or mechanical ventilation systems that may pose a risk to the health of workers due to inhaled air pollution MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY.”


Also, it is mandatory for all building owners to comply with the Community Directive 2002/91 / EEC, which since the beginning of 2006 is applied in Greece and concerns the restriction of energy consumption of buildings, which states:

“The environmental quality of the buildings presupposes:

  1. ensuring excellent indoor air quality, to ensure the health of workers.
  2. the minimum possible energy consumption. “

Finally, there is the European Action Plan (2004/2132-INI) on ensuring the protection of the environment and health, which was activated until 2010.


Recently, the Ministry of Health issued a circular with specific instructions regarding the proper use of Central Air Conditioning Units (KKM).

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